Is Walter Veith a minister?
Posted on 10 May 2012 09:54 AM
Is Walter Veith a pastor? 
Yes, Walter Veith is a pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist church in the Cape Conference (South Africa). 
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Brandon Lester
02 June 2012 02:03 PM
I so praise God that He would bring Walter Veith into my life-
In fervent prayer for Truth, He led me most unwittingly to the SDA Mission...first to David Asscherick; then promptly to Mr. Veith: what an amazing testimony Walter has.
It is the SDA's who led me to truth on so many false doctrines; eternal hell, immortality, and a futurist view:
and of course the Sabbath-which I did not keep anyway!
You have taught me to examine scriptures diligently and prayerfully- by bringing them to life; to be bold-for Christ and strive to live according to His will...thank you Amazing Discoveries, Walter Veith, and the SDA org. and most of all God our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ; King of Kings.
I Praise Him for your Ministry... and by the power of the
Holy Spirit: strive to live and share the Truth.
Benevolence Mudenda
14 June 2012 06:29 AM
Walter julius Veith is a man sent by God`s providence to awaken some of us who call themselves christians but lack substance. Thank you Walter for through your ministries i have come to understand some difficult bible passages even better now& im now aware and the choice is now mine.
17 August 2012 04:35 AM
I am so not surprised that a seenvth day Adventists would attack Christmas and how stupid people are to join forces with the enemy to attack a Christan celebration.Of course there is spiritual warfare at Christmas, Satan hates Christmas!!He hates that the saviour of the world has taken over this day that used to be his.Work it out people! if Christmas is so bad then why does it come under such heavy attack from SDA, Jehovah Witness's, atheists and every cult you can think of?.
de dios
08 December 2012 08:51 AM
Walter Veith es uno de los mas valientes cristianos que he conocido en este mundo de hipocresia. Lo felicito por enfrentarse a la ramera con todos sus tentaculos. Lo admiro y solo le pido que nunca desfallesca en la busqueda de la verdad, a pesar de toda la trama que quieren tenderle para destruirlo; que tenga presente que en el mundo existen personas que hemos despertado del engano, y por ello estamos dispuesto a tomar las banderas que Cristo dirige, que Dios lo guie, y si tiene tiempo nos gustaria que nos visitara a nuestro sitio:
Apuret Morris
27 January 2013 04:33 AM
Am grateful to Almighty God for the great work that amazing discoveries is doing across the globe. Am in Uganda, Eastern Uganda Field in Soroti SDA central church. I was going through the news update and learnt about the accusations brought against professor Walter. Truly, what those folks are doing against the servant of God is an indicator that they are not true converts. The Adventist message does not need to bribe any one. Whoever is not happy with it, qualifies him/her to be in the adversary's side. Am among converts in Uganda who found anchored in church and truth because of Walter's presentations. Some of us are not gifted or even had opportunity to explore what our brother Walter has been graced with. In addition if the message preached is rough let it be known that we are to rekindle the last reformation and this can not just come if we do not be open and call a spade a spade. Perhaps we would not have come to the knowledge of truth if the early reformers did not openly face the reign of papacy. It must be known that we have no time left. We shall continue in prayers for brother Walter and all the amazing discoveries ministry team that the Almighty God through His son Jesus Christ may grant you grace and favor to withstand the apostasy and hence compromise that is infiltrating the church. ''The loud cry is chose you whom today you will serve..........'' God bless all who are willing to stand with the team of amazing discoveries in not subjecting to the wine of Babylon. Amen
Rirett Guerra MacKenzie
28 March 2013 10:51 AM
The Trinity Believe, specially in the existence of the Holy Spirit. I'm a seventh day-Adventist member. May you send a video to show some friends that they are being convinced by Allen Stump. They say that the Holy Spirit doesn't exist and that Jesus has a the lower position in comparison with God the Father.
Jim Beshires
12 April 2013 03:44 PM
Has Amazing Discoveries gone off the air? Some sort of Asian program is on that channel.
Debra Winfrey-Stevenson
13 April 2013 06:40 AM
Hello, I thank the Lord for Amazing Discoveries and probably would not be in the SDA Church at this point in my life if it were not for the Holy Spirit bringing Amazing Discoveries into my life. The pure truth and love of Jesus that has been revealed thru the various media outlets from Amazing Discoveries, via the dvd's, website and all of those who are standing for truth has been such an awesome and amazing wealth of information. My relationship with the Lord Jesus has been strengthened and I have been sharing so much with others.

Today, however, my sister called me to say that Pastor Veith has been banned from preaching as a SDA pastor. I pray that God's SDA church has not taken this most ungodly step... but I have not been able to confirm it its true and thought I would contact Amazing Discoveries myself.

If per chance that is the case that he has been banned as a SDA preacher... then I know that would not stop the Lord for using Pastor Veith as I believe he has been raised up to speak the pure truth in a world of compromise.

May the Lord continue to bless Amazing Discoveries and shield you from the attacks of the evil one. I am always in prayer for Amazing Discoveries and know that you are being lead by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Amen and Amen
10 May 2013 10:03 AM
Dear Pastor, i thank God because H e finally gave me the opportunity to contact you. I came across some of the studies you kindly present to the edification of God's people and for it i say God bless you. I am a Cameroonian aged 25 and wish to work all my life to spray this good word Jesus assigned us to . I need your help in this field. God bless you.
Virgil Emanuel Dinca
15 July 2013 08:58 AM
God Bless Walter Veith for his Work and never the less bringing the real truth up to the surface.
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If you find our services atractive do not hesitate to call.

Best Regards
Virgil E. Dinca
Del Orser
19 July 2013 09:03 PM
How would I be able to correspond with Walter Veith? Is this possible?
31 July 2013 07:32 PM
hi,God must richly bless your souls.
Laurie Turner
13 October 2013 07:41 PM
Dear Dr. Veith,
Your ministry, together with that of AD, has been an immense blessing. I have been following your lectures for over seven years now, after having received the Truth Matters series as a gift. Thank you, and Mrs. Veith, and AD for your faithful service to God and humanity.

I am so happy to currently be viewing Total Transformation - God speaks to people through your work as you point to Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy. I am inspired to read more of both. Many of her comments, along with your lectures, have encouraged me to keep on trusting God since withdrawing from University in despair in the middle of my dissertation. You point out familiar promises we can cling to, reminding us that He is faithful during trials; that they are blessings - although perhaps in disguise. May He continue to bless you, that you may continue to bless others.
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