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Carnivora - Reported to be Immune System Healer?

In the 1970s I had thyroid surgery. A specialist informed me that for the rest of my life I should take 2mg Thyroid supplement daily. About six years ago my then MD refused to prescribe and this resulted in my gaining 60 pounds. I am currently with a new physician and am 2/3rds of way to the required 2mg/day. I have lost some weight but I need to lose 40 more pounds, and I have great difficulty in accomplishing my goal.

I ordered “Carnivora” and have received severe criticism from family members: "you are not obeying Spirit of Prophecy" etc. I am 98% vegetarian - I eat eggs, salmon, but very little of dairy - I use organic soy and organic vegetables. I had heard great reports on this product and now I am disheartened - I got Hashimoto's Disease from the lack of my medication for several years and was hopeful this product might restore my defunct immune system! Would appreciate your advice.

Thank you for your question. There are three parts to your question: a) weight control, b) thyroid function, and c) criticism about the product.

  1. Regarding weight control, exercise and limiting the calorie content of what is eaten are the two principles of weight control. In addition, how well the food is chewed, where enjoyment and taste is experienced, and when food is eaten are important principles of weight control. Avoid eating before going to bed. The food eaten within a few hours of going to bed gets the message to be stored as fat. The food eaten that is followed by moderate exercise gets the message to be used for energy production and repair. This is what you want your food used for.

  2. Regarding thyroid function, iodine deficiency is very common and is a common cause of thyroid malfunction. If you are deficient in iodine, eating foods that contain iodine (like seaweed) or eating foods that are grown near the sea, where the soil has iodine in it, can help. Taking a few drops of SSKI or Lugol's iodine is another way to supplement your iodine intake. You probably need iodine unless you live near the sea and grow your own vegetables. Ask your doctor about the possibility of being iodine deficient. Your body needs iodine in virtually every cell in your body to be optimally healthy.

  3. Find out, if you can, what the basis of the criticism is. Is it taking any medication? It is true that most drugs do not deal with the cause of the problem. Taking iodine deals with an iodine deficiency if your body is deficient in iodine. Unless medication deals with the cause of the problem, it is true that the drug will not help - it will only change the form and location of the problem. If your body is deficient in thyroid hormone - taking a supplement of thyroid hormone will help while any other deficiency (like iodine) is being corrected. With regards to the immune system product you were referring to, some sources say there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that the active ingredient, “Venus flytrap extract”, can strengthen the immune system, but there are healing properties in plants generally speaking, which may help to boost immune function.
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