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What Does the Bible Say About Vaccinations?
Posted on 27 February 2017 09:08 AM

Is it OK to marry someone who has been vaccinated? Will that affect my health or my salvation?

There is nothing in the Bible or SOP that addresses vaccination as this is a relatively new practice. I would say that we are counselled to avoid all extremes, and separating from your fiance because she is vaccinated would be considered extreme. There is no reason for you, yourself, to in turn be vaccinated. We are told that food is our medicine - as long as you are eating well and living a healthy lifestyle, you should be able to remain relatively disease-free. We should also beware lest our 'health reform' becomes 'health DEform'. Following the 8 Natural Remedies, including the last one - Trust in God - will bring peace and harmony to our physical as well as spiritual beings.

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