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Unidentified Tumor
Posted on 05 December 2016 01:47 PM

A female relative felt pain between her bosoms over the breastbone approximately one year ago, intensifed in pain due to a growing tumor.

Doctors in Australia did whatever they could do using all medical science and technology means including too many biopsies were done for cancer suspicion, which they excluded with other suspicions such as kind of tuberculosis and they still can not identify the tumors nature.

The tumor is getting bigger and they claim that they have no means to cure it or even remove it surgically due to its location. Please if you have any idea to identify and cure it even by dietary means.

Thank you for your email and sharing with us your ordeal that you are experiencing right now. It is my privilege, with God's help and wisdom to answer.

First, it is God's presence giving you the concern you have for your relative. God also shares your concern. He cares for us all.

While we may not be able to identify the problem, and while it may be comforting to be able to give the condition a name, which means that others have had this same condition, what we need to know the most is what to do about it. God has shared two things with us that it is my privilege to now share with you:

1. It has been established that it is a tumor. This means that there are cells growing and growing there, getting bigger and bigger. The food that we eat can either slow or accelerate the speed of growth. Doctor T Colin Campbell has many times shown that cow's milk protein is the food that makes cells grow and divide faster than any other nutrient that he has tested during his lifetime of cancer research. By excluding this protein found in cow's milk, he observed that the tumor would stop growing as fast, and usually due to the body's natural defenses, the tumor would stop growing. So by excluding this protein from your relative's diet, a great difference would be expected to be experienced. Now, the difficulty is that it is not enough to just stop drinking milk or milk products, because this protein, casein, is put into many prepared foods. It will certainly be a big help to stop using milk and milk products, but in addition, the labels of prepared foods must be read to see if it contains casein, whey or any milk products. It may be that the only way to avoid casein is to eat only whole plant foods, prepared in her own kitchen.

Whole plant foods, without using any animal products, gives the body the best ability to heal.

2. God tells us in James 5:13-15 that personal prayer and the prayer of the church elders and anointing with oil in the name of the Lord will save the sick and if sins have been committed, God will forgive their sins.

Another option is to try a natural remedy. Frankincense essential oil has been shown to have anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties. If it is used together with Myrrh essential oil it is even more beneficial because Frankincense breaks down the tumor cell walls and Myrrh breaks down the blood supply to the tumor. The essential oil must be diluted (e.g. 40 ml carrier oil + 10 drops Frankincense + 10 drops Myrrh). You can use olive oil as a carrier oil or any natural carrier oil. Alternatively you can use a natural (chemical free) cream base and apply it onto the area.

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