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Low White Blood Cell Count
Posted on 05 December 2016 01:29 PM

I am a vegan SDA. I have had a low White Blood Cell (WBC) for several years, ranging from 2.6-3.2. I do not get sick very often, but am wondering if there is anything I can do to increase my WBC? I tested negative for celiac and have no symptoms but am wondering if gluten could lower my WBC?

Amazing Health seeks to offer quality health products and limited 'free' advice/information that otherwise would have to be obtained from an ND or NHC. Although we seek to stay well-informed on as many topics as possible, we are not health experts on every issue. The nature of your question requires a professional medical response.

However, one thing does come to mind that may aid in increasing your WBC count and that is hydrotherapy. At the end of each shower, turn the water up to as hot as you can stand it for approx 3 min, then reduce it to cool for 30 sec to one min - just cool enough to catch your breath. Do this 3 times, ending in the cool. It gives your immune system a major boost. Gluten may be a factor. You'd have to experiment to find out.

Good bacteria (flora) in our digestive system is also important for a healthy immune system. Probiotics can be taken to help restore intestinal flora. It is also important not to eat between meals, as snacking causes fermentation, which can reduce the good bacteria in our digestive system. It is also advised not to drink liquids with meals as this dilutes stomach acid, and interferes with digestion (you can drink liquids up to an hour before meals, and drink liquids an hour after meals). Eating late at night before bedtime and overeating can also lead to fermentation and destroy healthy bacteria.


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