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Posted on 13 June 2016 10:12 AM

Q: I’d like to check Walter’s references in his series. Do you have copies of the references?

A: Yes, we have visual references and sources for our most popular series by Walter Veith. Here you will find links to Walter’s references.  

Some references are not readily available and we do not have physical copies. Where possible, we have made a visual reference index to copies of the pages referenced to show you that they do exist although physical copies are hard or impossible to obtain:

In addition, we have made an index of many of the graphics and images used by Walter in his series, with captions and sources where we were able to find them. It is located here: 

You may also find our list of ebooks and downloadable pdfs helpful in your study:

Check out our Study Guides here:

We have our downloadable resources here:

Also take a look at all our Research Tools here:

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