Walter Veith and the Biblical Research Institute
Posted on 13 June 2016 10:03 AM

Q: What is Walter Veith's relationship with the Biblical Research Institute?

A: In the past, there has been some misunderstanding regarding the relationship between the Biblical Research Institute (BRI) and Walter Veith. Walter and Amazing Discoveries have been accused by Church leaders of not responding on their view on the issues of Bible translations.

The following documents are the dialogue between Walter Veith and the BRI. To date, the BRI has not replied to Walter Veith's last response. The issue still stands.

You will note that the BRI has provided no clarity on the two questions raised by Professor Veith: the issue of Ellen G. White used for exegesis, and the identity of the man of sin. We hope that as the full story is made available to our readers and supporters, previous misunderstandings about Walter Veith's interactions with the BRI will be clarified.

1. Reflections: A BRI Newsletter, January 2008.

2. Walter Veith's Letter of response to BRI regarding their Reflections article on Bible translations, 2008.

3. A Response to Reinder Bruinsma, 2009.

4. Walter Veith's response to BRI, May 2004.

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