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Posted on 02 June 2016 01:23 PM

Q: How does Amazing Discoveries™ support itself?

A: For over 15 years, Amazing Discoveries was primarily supported by the directors' own funds, with sales of DVDs helping to keep the ministry going. Amazing Discoveries is now supported through the donations of supporters who believe in our mission and work, have seen value in the message and want to help us share it with the world. Sales of our DVDs form a very small part of our ministry, and help to cover part of the administrative costs so that we can use more donation dollars towards evangelistic efforts. When you purchase DVDs from Amazing Discoveries, you are helping to support the cost of running the ministry.

Because we believe that Jesus is coming soon and because we desire the message of our DVDs to reach as many as possible, the Amazing Discoveries Board made the mission-minded decision, at the end of 2011, to lift the copyright ban on four of Walter Veith's series: Total Onslaught, Rekindling the Reformation, Life At Its Best, and Genesis Conflict (for a complete list and for more information about copying lectures, click here), allowing those particular DVDs to be copied & distributed freely without profit.

Copies may only be made from DVDs purchased directly from Amazing Discoveries and must be made of the complete presentation with nothing added or removed. Any sale of any copies made is strictly forbidden.
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