Dealing with Endometriosis
Posted on 30 July 2012 06:40 PM

I have endometriosis and have been taking birth control to control pain and bleeding. I want to get off my birth control pills but am afraid of the pain I will deal with. Do you recommend a special diet or foods to stay away from for endometriosis?

Endometriosis is usually a result of hormone imbalance. Changing your diet will be of huge benefit to you. In particular, eating lots of green leafy vegetables and taking a natural fiber supplement will help. Things to avoid would be room deodorizers/fresheners, scented laundry soap and fabric softeners, synthetic fragrances, cooking in the microwave especially in plastic, to name a few. The chemicals emitted by these things act like estrogen in our bodies and hugely contribute to the excess estrogen.

A natural progesterone cream or yam cream, is also a great supplement. You'll want to make sure its natural source from wild yam and good quality - 5mg progesterone per oz is very good. Also herbs like black cohosh, damiana, chaste tree will be helpful.

I would encourage you to find a doctor who will work with you on getting off of it and trying something different for a short time only. I would avoid using any birth control pills if at all possible.

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17 August 2012 03:45 AM
Today we celebrate the 1st bithrday of miracle twins a boy and a girl after years of secondary infertility. It has been a life changing journey and we are so incredibly happy we did not give up! Infertility still seems to be taboo. I found the best way to get support was from women who have been there. So many so-called friends were unsupportive during the years of trying to get pregnant or adopt almost like it was MY fault that we couldn't have a baby. Even after my twins were born a former close friend told me she (an only child) was insulted because we wanted a second child. She told me I was ignoring our first-born really! I look forward to hearing more stories of success!!
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