Are Essential Oils safe or spiritualistic?
Posted on 30 July 2012 06:22 PM

Do essential oils contain the beneficial properties of the herbs from which they are distilled or is this a spiritualistic deception?

It depends what perspective you're coming from. The essential oils contain all the active ingredients of the plant and are therefore a very potent part of the plant they come from. They should be used with caution and in small quantities. And yes, they have huge therapeutic benefits. 

Having said that, some with the spiritualistic mindset view them as having the power to move energies, etc. This is just a New Age way of describing what they do physically. But by no means will their use open you up to 'the spirits' unless of course you are purposefully engaging in other activities to bring this about.

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Zeres Vitto
11 September 2013 12:45 PM
Thank you for the answer. M brother is a pastor at the south central luzon conference of SDA in Laguna, Philippines. He was recently summoned by the leadership at the conference in regards to his use of naturopathy in his ministry. He makes healing oils and rubs for eczema and other skin conditions. The leaders at the conference had forbidden him to use such things in his ministry. He has, in no way, compromised his faith, nor has he ever engaged in activities that calls for spiritism. His style has actually brought many souls to Christ, and many have been baptized in the church through his ministry. But without seeing for themselves to prove if the allegations of some church members were true, the leaders have decided to bind my brother's hands and feet that he may not use his method any longer.
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