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Mark Cleminson Testimony alterations
Posted on 17 July 2012 11:39 AM
I've been told that Mark Cleminson found after Testimony of an Illuminist was released that some of the relationships he mentioned in the DVD were not correct. Have those portions of the DVD been fixed?

The first version of this DVD contained one point of incorrect information that has been clarified. The error was found after Mark Cleminson’s father was made aware of Testimony of an Illuminist when it was aired on Amazing Discoveries satellite network.

Mark Cleminson’s grandfather was Bertram Charles Cleminson, son of Charles Wright Cleminson (great grandfather) who married Stella Kathleen Costello on Nov. 15, 1900. Mark’s grandfather was not adopted by the Booths. Bertram was the second son and second child of Charles and Stella. Stella died when Mark’s grandfather was a young child. Bertram was born in 1903 and died in 1963. Mark's father and uncle went to a "Catholic" boarding school paid for by the Freemasons--odd since the outward Catholic Church condemn Masonry. The boarding school still exists on the border of Tibet in the Himalayan Mountains. Mark's father indicated that, "Irish Christian Brothers maintained the school," and that "Franciscan Friars gave mass."

Mark’s grandfather was a Freemason in an aristocratic white lodge in Calcutta where many other VIPs were members. Mark’s father's mother had an uncle called Bob Booth, so from this marriage to Bertram the relationship to the Booth family is actual bloodline. Mark’s father had a number of Booths in boarding school
that were cousins. Mark’s father also indicated that his maternal grandmother was rumored to have ties into the Salvation Army.
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