Meeting the Needs of the People
Posted on 10 May 2012 04:12 PM
I have one question. In your presentation - you totally tear down the concept of meeting the needs of the people. I understand that the needs not become our religion but it appeared in you message that if I am trying to meet the needs of others that I am following the path of Satan. But in the Spirit of Prophecy, in Steps to Christ we read Christ method alone brought true success He ministered to the needs of the people. I thought I was following Jesus method not Satan's. So how do I reach people outside the church if I don't try to help them. I agree we should be humble, I agree that their state needs to be brought to their attention. Could you direct me in knowing how to use this quote? 
It is certainly not unchristian to do good deeds or supply someone's needs. What is unchristian is when needs based theology takes the place of Christ centered theology. My Bible says that "my God will take care of all my needs." He might use you or me to supply those needs, but He gets the glory. When supplying needs takes the place of Christ centered worship, then the cart is placed before the horse. I go to church to worship the Lord, not to get my needs supplied otherwise I am a "bread and fish" Christian who came just for the loaves and the fishes rather than for every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord.
Needs based theology is Roman Catholic theology and is a salvation by works. Works are a consequence, not a means to salvation. Of course you help people but this is not your religion, this is a consequence of your religion. And it is Jesus who will induce the Spirit in your heart. Not the other way around.
I hope this clarifies the matter.
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17 August 2012 02:26 PM
I am a former Protestant and I riveeced a PhD from Duke Divinity. I would recommend Duke highly. Some advice, if Stan Hauerwas is still a professor there just stay away from his courses. He teaches theological ethics and I cannot think of anyone less qualified. God bless!In ChristFr. JosephIf you change your mind about a Catholic school you might want to learn theology at the foot of arguable the best theologian in the US who is a convert like me except he was a Presbyterian and I was a Moravian. His name is Scott Hahn. He is a brilliant theologian and teaches at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. I understand that they also have a great online program as well. Either of the schools I mentioned you will feel challenged and fed sound scholarship.
30 October 2012 06:39 AM
You're right Brad. It's all too easy given the distractions in our cuurtle and our own inner drives. I took warning early on, about substituting Scripture for Jesus, from John 5:39. I've tried to keep a listening ear and heart to follow close.Thanks for commenting. Blessings.
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