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Posted on 07 May 2012 10:14 AM
Some claim that the Lunar calender indicates another Sabbath which is not Saturday. Can you help me by clarifying that the Lunar calender does not indicate a change in the weekly cycle of seven days

The 7-day week is independent of any solar or lunar time frame. Best we can tell, God originated this measurement of time as His own distinction, having nothing to do with other cycles. So a lunar year would not affect the Sabbath. There are some people, however, who do argue the the 7-day week might have been a way to divide the lunar months into quarters. There are problems, however, with this theory. You decide:
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Donnel Brown
26 February 2013 07:47 AM
You have not really cleared up the subject here. It seems more like your trying to avoid the subject. The julian and gregorian calendars were set up after the death and resurection of Christ, so tell me what calendar was used during this period? When God created the sun,moon & stars Genesis 1:14-15 He said let them be for signs,seasons,days & years. God establish the beginning of months with Arron and Moses in Exodus 12:1-3. Was he using the gregorian calendar then? I really need to know the answers because this is God's covenant with man,should we not make a special effort to make sure were honoring it? I think our God is the same God yesterday,today and forever and He is not the author of confusion. Please clear up this question with scripture. Just for the record here are my questions for digestion. Why does the 14th of Abib always fall on the day before the Sabbath during passover week? Do you really think that God would make Joshua during the battle of Jericho march on the Sabbath and plunder a city? and then ask us to keep it holy? I do not think so!! So I believe it was a double new moon one falling on the 30th of the month and on the 1st of the month.I am not a Scholar of the bible I just turned over my life to Jesus(Praise The Lord) and I need a few questions answered. There are many instances throughout the Word of God that indicates the calendar God used was a Luni-Solar calendar and not gregorian or julian.Truthfully I am confused but I will err on the side of caution and worship and honour the Sabbath on saturday but I need guidance from scripture as to when God changed to the gregorian calendar.Jesus died on the 14th day before the "High Sabbath" which is the first day of the passover week just a curious note.
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