The Grave of Ellen White
Posted on 10 May 2012 12:37 PM

Please help me to understand what is going on here. Is Ellen G. White's grave really an Egyptian obelisk? Does this mean that Ellen White was a Freemason and Baal worshiper?

We must not look only at the symbols around a person, but what they teach and how they live. Take Robert Schuller for example. We don't look only at the symbols around him, but what he teaches. Robert Schuller teaches Masonic doctrine. If you need proof please watch the presentation That All May Be One on our TV site.   

There are some who say that Ellen White has an obelisk on her grave stone, therefore she must have been involved in the Masons. The question is: Did Ellen White teach Masonic doctrine? The obvious answer to that question is no! She constantly indicts Freemasons and secret societies in her writings. Each time she mentions them, she basically says that those who belong to such orders will be lost.

Do Ellen White's statements make us think that she is a Freemason? No. Does she recommend people become Freemasons? No. Check out Selected Messages volume 2 for her thoughts on secret societies. 

We can't assume she was a Mason or a Baal worshiper solely because she has an obelisk on her grave. Obelisks were a standard for gravestones during the time she lived. In fact, they represented one of the cheaper options. Read more about gravestone use in the US here: Association for Gravestone Studies and more about the use of obelisks as gravestones here.

If you wish to read something that is a response to the false accusations against Ellen White, we highly recommend the following website. Here, Bob Pickle obliterates the false accusations against Ellen White, and shows that most of the accusations believed against her are blatant lies, and that the rest are twisted versions of what she actually said.

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simba garande
24 November 2012 06:15 PM
I am tempted to do a sons of thunder on all speaking against the servant of GOD, we ought like ahaziah's third captain of fifty bow at the feet of the prophet with honour. Why would people why satan. I have sin in my life that needs to go but People this is the Apple the Golden, the Cox's, the Apple of God's eye. He loves this church he loves you and gave the prophets who allowed, I won't go on praise my Jesus for the prophets and I pray I be perfected that you be perfected that we may receive the latter rain do a Peter, do a Paul better yet Elijah Elisha Moses these are REAL REAL MEN. Men of God, heroesin my eyes Its better said than done but may god gives us what we need to see us through its tough and so is He. My GOD moves mountains lifts up drunkards redeems drug dealers raises the dead, a wonder working GOD the greatest miracle? He drew me, WOW even I can't understand that How when where?don't know, I know y though. God gave me ............ Ok I'm going to stop now Love God respect His annointed cherish His spirit honour His presence abide in His wisdom may GOD gives a greater love for HIm
Andrew moyo
30 December 2012 07:24 AM
God bless u.
09 January 2013 10:01 AM
I need help about this issue really. Why is there the obelisk at the grave yield ?
E. Asante
13 January 2013 06:14 AM
Still waiting for your response to my question sent over a DVDs on a TV station in Ghana? Whose permission do I need at Amazing Discoveries to do this? I need your direction to the contact person at AD
09 April 2013 08:44 PM
She did teach many varieties of masonic doctrine including referring to God as the grand architect and subscribing to the masonic teaching of orion being a place of enlightenment, she makes several remarks in her writings about mother nature, vital forces and many other new-age philosophies. not saying there's anything wrong with any of it, just saying, be honest, she spoke out of both sides of her mouth. perhaps she was a disgruntled mason and she and her husband, who WAS a mason, broke of and brought some of the teachings with them.
bonus points
08 May 2013 05:09 AM
Fantastic blog post. Much obliged.
20 May 2013 12:36 PM
ellen g was afalse prophet
27 May 2013 10:12 PM
nice to see and read about Ellen white's grave. please send more pictures of surrounding environment and background.
31 May 2013 12:12 AM
Im grateful for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.
noel mckenney
27 July 2013 11:50 AM
yea the accused Jesus of being a blasphemer but that didn't make him one.
07 August 2013 01:21 PM
My honest belief is, Mrs White may have been a true prophet, but I think the Adventists elevate her status to near-God, whatever she says, goes! Looks like her writings are viewed at the same level as the bible, never went to an SDA sermon where here writings were not referred to.

My point is, if indeed her writings were to be soooo important, the biblical prophecies would have mentioned here coming in the 1840s. As it is, I take her writings as I would any other Christian author; certainly some truths are there, but the other stuff? I take with a pinch of salt if not discard altogether

That's my view. PEACE !
26 August 2013 08:44 PM
Hi Angela! SDAs do not think of Mrs. White as being near to God, except that she was His prophet.
And, about the Bible predicting her -- read Revelation chapter 10. Now, this prophecy speaks about the Advent movement that occurred in 1844 of which Ellen G. White was a part of. In fact, she was not the first person to be given visions/prophecies from the LORD at that time. Two other men received it before her...however, they did not go forth with the message.
Ellen G. White is very prominent within SDA history, because she received and imparted the most visions, prophecies and instructions for the church. Note though, she was not the only one who did...
About the Bible predicting her specifically, it is implied (in my opinion). Just take a look at Moses. Was he specifically predicted to be the one who would have led the children of Isreal to Canaan? No. but the LORD did predict that HE would take them out, and HE did -- by HIS servant Moses...
We believe HE is doing the same today -- by HIS servant Ellen G. White (and all who HE calls).
13 September 2013 09:08 AM
Ellen G White could have been a free mason or not. She was human as we all are "who are not good, no no one, for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God: I will be surprised that she was as much as she was not. We do not know because Free mason is a deep dark secret Society only God knows what goes on in the free mason world. emember not every one who says Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of God. So while we debate on Ellen G White being this or being that, why dont we deligently study God's word (BIBLE) under the direction of the Holy Spirit who will lead us unto all truth lest we find ourselves taking the place of God as JUDGE. The bible says in Jer.17:9 that "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it" Only God understands our intentions and motives. Pray without ceasing and follow God and God, His Son Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit
15 September 2013 02:25 AM
do u guys think she was real a prophet? i believe in her but what so many confusion....
15 September 2013 02:28 AM
may God be with us... maybe people are trying to destroy her by all these but why again.... toooo many questions
12 October 2013 09:19 PM
I can't believe somebody is here comparing EGW with Jesus Christ. The information about the Obelisk was EGW Estate unaware of what it stood for, if they were why would they choose to have one as a gravestone. Are you saying that it was a CHEAPER option so they chose it lol. Anton Levy hates the devil actually, ask him if he worships the devil and he'd say NO.
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