Itchy Allergic Skin
Posted on 10 May 2012 11:11 AM
Is there a remedy that would stop my skin from itching so badly? I sometimes scratch it raw. Kittens seem to affect me, do you have any suggestions?
It is a clay or charcoal poultice on the affected area. In this situation, clay might be better, but if that's not available, activated charcoal will also do.
The clay is the kind one buys in health-oriented stores, often used for cosmetic or remedial purposes. Digging up clay in a garden or riverbank is not wise, because it may contain unknown contaminants that would be absorbed by the skin.
Mix the clay with enough pure water to make a paste. Apply it directly on the affected area about 1/4 inch thick, put a dampened piece of cloth on top of it (clay won't work if it's dry), then tape plastic wrap over it and keep it on all night. If you don't have a piece of cloth, a lettuce or cabbage leaf works great to hold in the clay's moisture. The eyebrow is a tricky place to cover, but even if you cover only a flatter area of forehead, the overall itchiness should ease.
If you're using charcoal, mix it with soothing aloe gel, if possible, or flax seeds, which keep in moisture so the charcoal will keep on working. The flax seeds "gel" in about 15 minutes to egg-white consistency, which makes the charcoal less messy to deal with, too. If only pure water is available, use it. DO NOT APPLY CHARCOAL TO BROKEN SKIN, or the dark color could "tattoo" you. Instead, spread the charcoal paste on a dampened paper towel and place the towel side over the affected area, cover with plastic wrap and tape down, and leave on overnight.
Hopefully, you'll get some pretty quick relief with one of those natural remedies. You may have to do it for a couple of nights in a row. And as you might expect, we must state a disclaimer that any advice we give is not intended to replace the advice of trained medical professionals. 
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