Eczema Problems
Posted on 10 May 2012 11:00 AM
Hi, I recently viewed a series of your DVDs and learned a lot. I have a few health problems but the one that concerns me the most is eczema+allergic reation concentrated mainly on my FACE, neck and hands. I have aged 10 yrs in the past 2 because my face is reacting on a weekly basis. My skin is very dry and tender. It gets really red when I react, then itchy,then 'dandruffy''dry, under my eyes gets puffy and wrinkly, my lips and corner of my eyes crack constantly, I do not like what I see in the mirror... It isn't the me I know! Help! I've seen many specialists (allergists, dermatologists, internists...). They all tell me I'm under medicated. I've been prescribed cortisone, protopic, betaderm, atarax, reactine, hydroval... Nothing seems to help much, I want to solve the problem, get to the root, not just put a bandaid that does not heal. Any suggestions? Please let me know. Thank you so much.
We sympathize with your suffering. We aren’t doctors here, but it seems like the doctors you’ve seen so far think you have a severe allergic situation going on but haven’t found what the allergen(s) is (are) yet, so you can avoid it (them). Suppression of uncomfortable reactive symptoms doesn’t seem to have helped you, either. But maybe this suggestion will give you hope:

Doctor/Professor Keith Scott-Mumby wrote a book called Diet Wise: Let Your Body Choose the Food That’s Right for You. In it he details one case he treated that may encourage you. Here’s a summary: A middle-aged man had had severe eczema all over his body for four years. Some days the weeping, cracking skin was so bad he had to be wrapped in cold bandages just to tolerate the irritation. For this professional man, greeting clients had become embarrassing. Eliminating some common allergens only partially relieved his condition, but after some more study of his diet, the source of his skin problem emerged: two kinds of meat. Within weeks of avoiding them completely, his skin cleared. 

Dr. Scott-Mumby wrote of other cases, too. One young man was given his nemesis food right in the doctor’s presence. His congenial expression turned dark and his cooperative attitude became surly within a few minutes, a sure sign of food reaction. For him, what had been interpreted as extreme mood swings was nothing more than a food-induced alteration of brain chemistry that was totally preventable. Imagine how much better home and school life was after the offending food was removed from his diet! 

For unknown reasons, some people have extreme sensitivity to foods that others can eat with impunity. It may be the case with you, so we encourage you to read that book and follow the steps outlined regarding your diet. And there’s also the possibility that your allergen is not food but something else you’ve not suspected. You may have to do some sleuthing, but be determined! You also might want to consider contacting the doctor for a personal consultation, to speed things up, even if it’s over the phone. His experience should help restore you to you soon!

Beyond that, each person’s physical needs are unique to him or her, and we are not in a position to evaluate individuals’ needs.  As required by law, we must make plain our position: any advice we give is not intended to take the place of professional medical counsel.  Having said that, though, we believe fully in the power of prayer, and will pray for your healing.

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17 August 2012 12:04 PM
Your question made me do some rearsaech. We were told to wait until after she was 1yo, but only for a choking hazard reason. My 3yo was 18m when she first had peanut butter (for other health reasons). My 15mo has had peanut butter already, no problems. Her doctor said it was fine.However, I will give you these two sites I found that say they shouldn't have it until they're three years old because of a risk of allergy. -The 2nd one actually says that the American Academy of Pediatrics is the one that recommends the older age range.Good luck!
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