Are Energy Healings Occult?
Posted on 10 May 2012 10:52 AM
Many people visit upcoming practitioners that use the KARNAK machine. I believe it works on the base of energy fields or frequencies. Is that Biblical and safe for Christians to use?
Thank you for your question. To be frank, that is the first time I have ever heard of that machine. But, for your information, the word Karnak is derived from an Egyptian temple. 

Anytime you are dealing with "energy fields," you are dealing with the occult. So, I would say, stay away from this type of "alternative medicine." 

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Jon Lucaci
26 February 2013 06:01 AM
If energy fields are dealing with the occult then what about all the medicines most christians use these days like vaccines for immunity, anti depressants, antibiotics, pain killers etc. I mean do people even look into who made all these drugs and what there real purpose is? Let me tell you its got little to do with helping people and alot to do with making them more sick than they aready are and you dont need to be a doctor to realise this. Cell phones, cell phone towers, wifi, laptops etc, and basically every electrical house appliance, all these things let of huge amounts of EMF and RF which are energy fields, and studies have shown that they are responsible for many diseases which doctors and scietists have been riddled with for decades but many christians dont associate these things with the occult. Yet for some unknown reason when it comes to using energy fields and healing they are so quick to point there fingers and say you are dealing with the occult. What about all the non christian people who have had no results or others that have had great results with this "alternative medicine"when nothing else has worked. I think God works in misterious ways and all man made medicines these days wether energy or not have something to do with the dark occult world because satan has got his hands in everything. But the good news is that God is in the darkness and if you read Exodus 20:21 it says that Moses drew near the thick darkness where God was. So praise God because the love that He has for his people and His glory extends far beyond what we can concieve.
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